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I have seen gay writers do this too so it's not only heterosexual writers that are to blame! And transexuals in TV land, bless them, only exist as a source of comedy for everybody else. Think that answers the question then. Interestingly, many men are starting to see that spouting homophobia can hint at their own insecurity and even be a front for the gay man inside. Most people are portrayed incorrectly on TV, stereotypes abound, beauty seems paramount in any leading actor, unless its a male 'detective' or crazy doctor, [so we need to see more ugly fat people, especially in women's leading roles] I am also just as upset [as stonewall are] that introverts are not properly portrayed, this will affect children causing more bullying than being gay ever will.

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In the days when feminism was at its hight lots of women took on masculine dress etc and there were no bashings targeted at them.

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Gay refugees cannot be sent home and told to hide their sexuality

The EastEnders storyline actually seems to be quite good for Miseryenders as it tackles religion, some peoples difficulties in "coming out" - but why should we have to - straights don't go skipping down the streets shouting that they're hetero! Skip to main content. She is not forced to choose between innocence and sensuality, good girl and vamp. Stella H Howell on How much of a groundbreaking d…. Society is quicker to accept gender roles changing once it is not seen as being gay. If we're talking soaps I don't see any positive role models full stop as most seem to be half-witted inadequates of colossal promiscuity and no enduring emotional fibre. I accept more sexual images and more outrageous behaviour because i have had a gradual increase over time and so mistreating gay people, black people, and women will have an impact on us over time and we will be less shocked when we see it and more accepting of that negative behaviour in our society.

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What percentage of the U. Is there really no place for a fluffy, feel-good, aesthetically pleasing film during the holidays? And make NO mistake. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Could your questions not be amended to read:

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