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Look, it is an interesting series, and - I don't need to defend myself to you! Bulma's Daughter was older then pan. May 16, 7. Tears fall freely out of Vegetas once proud eyes. I am here for it.

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Is that me stronger than me!?

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CONFUSED AS HELL--Bulma so young.

I watched a movie with Yamcha - and I liked it! At one point he even considered raping Trunks, before realising that Trunks was his son that had come from the future using his flux capacitor. It seemed that he didn't have to transform, so Zarbon took both Chi-Chi and Bulma to rape them, and by the time Goku and Vegeta were done hunting him down, all three Bulma, Chi-Chi and Zarbon had enjoyed those three hours on planet earth, and Zarbon escaped the enraged Saiyans. Content is available under a Creative Commons License. You think having a dad who's a Super Saiyan makes you better than me!?

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Privacy policy About Uncyclopedia Disclaimers Mobile view. She gave birth to my son, my only son I'm about to blow my load all over your insides [ Vegeta is currently on trial for eating all the pizzas at an all you can eat restaurant. Out came Trunks nine months later! I used to be cool! He then flips Vegeta over and pulls down his pants.

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