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Archived from the original on December 18, That strikes me as a way of compromising with God on personal terms and not on God's terms. Retrieved 20 June I am a born-again Christian and sought help through prayer and the church, but I am still gay. I was in such a confused state.

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This teaching has a two-fold purpose.

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Ted Haggard

This year you could chose to do something that will change the very heart of how the gospel is heard and received in our time. Also in June, an email surfaced in which Haggard admitted masturbating with Jones and taking drugs, as alleged in Within Christianitythere are a variety of views on sexual orientation and homosexuality. And visit this table to see approximate margins of error for a group of a given size. These articles scandalized his small town and embroiled him in a free-press lawsuit. I can't change, and I don't want to change.

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Such disbelief is no surprise when a person's spiritual roots are grounded in a heritage that quite rightly emphasizes the Bible as the Word of God written, and not just a random collection of outdated writings. The more a person is encapsulated and indoctrinated in a religious perspective the less likely he or she is to change Gecas, ; Greil and Rudy, a. It's quite a conundrum for all who accept their homosexual component! He offered caring ministry and words of solace to struggling people, while differentiating His love for sinners from His clear teaching about sinful practices. Biography portal Christianity portal Colorado portal.

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