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But, Mexico is home to more Americans than the entire population of Panama City. Best Panama Residency by Investment Program. As gay nomads, it is important to respect those nuances. However, gay travelers should definitely stay vigilant, especially those whose identities may be more of a target and put them in physical or political danger. A parallel could be drawn with a man from a country like Saudi Arabia or Malaysia, where polygamy is legal, applying for a business visa for himself and spouse visas for his wives. It also has pretty great real estate prices.

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Medellin is also host to an upbeat gay culture.

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Top five tips for buying property abroad

Plus, if a foreign market is experiencing rapid growth, there's a greater likelihood that buyers will get a large return on their investment. For more on the friendly nations reforestation visa, see: Polygamy is recognised in India for Muslims by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, which leaves the question open about whether Indian civil authorities should recognise it in granting visas to foreign nationals. Need we say more? While many destinations popular among Aussie expats are either accepting or neutral of gay relationships, a few major hotspots have far more conservative laws than Australia, regarding homosexuality. Netherlands has been focused on attracting gay tourism and residents by hosting the biggest gay pride parade in Europe, having more gay neighborhoods than any country in western europe, and being an example for human rights in general. Yet a fix is possible and it will not require the Indian government to make an overt shift in its attitude towards LGBT people though it should.

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Thoroughly investigate the market. Let me be blunt. There are two million American expats, plus hundreds of thousands from other countries, living in Mexico. Yes, there are still as many as a dozen nations for which someone can get the death penalty for homosexuality. The unfortunate reality is that retirees who also happen to be gay face an additional challenge when trying to identify the best place in the world to retire overseas, for parts of the world are much more gay-friendly than others and, some places, being gay is simply not allowed; it's illegal. This is really an anti-discrimination law, and did not overturn the existing laws regarding sexual activity. Brian Greco is a traveler, web designer, and NYU student who is passionate about personal growth through travel and connecting with people around the world through digital media.

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