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Patrick's Day, only about a dozen people, nearly all of them men, had gathered at Ray's. Artist Glen Dining Room. Green Bush Quaint and cozy basement restaurant. And although leather competitions and throbbing dance music can be found by those who seek them, they are not, as in some cities, at the core of the gay nightlife experience here. Women Who Want to Dance!

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The cozy Ray's E.

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Madison's only other permanently gay nightspot is Shamrock Bar W. They were marvelous fun and a welcome alternative to bars for gay-themed evening entertainment. Sometimes when we do that, we keep facial hair and bind ourselves. Please enter a search criteria! The sprawling Club 5 complex is arguably the city's, most prominent gay bar.

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We take it for granted, but back then it was new. Some are not old enough. Club 5 has its detractors ' a common complaint is that its location south of the Beltline is too far from downtown ' but owner Ed Grunewald deserves credit for running what sometimes seems like a community center for Madison queer folk, with cocktails and a jukebox. The pageant contestants had already paraded about looking pretty in eveningwear. The underwear parties are not exclusively gay, but you can tell the gay men from the straight men by the expensiveness of their underwear. But a gay one.

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