Gay marriage debate questions to ask

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But it is on this account, too, that marriage must be regarded as in principle indissoluble, for the end of marriage is the ethical end, an end so lofty that everything else is manifestly powerless against it and made subject to it. It is not just one mother, it is many, many mothers. They send their children to our schools. However homosexual couples are still denied equality in a couple of points of law compared to heterosexual married couples. After reading this, I only have one question:

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But, anyway, just to put a perspective on that, you may say only 24 countries, one billion people - one in seven people - live in countries where there is same-sex marriage.

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10 Questions Christians Should Ask Before Commenting on the Same Sex Marriage Debate

And I think that unfortunately a lot of this bringing in of other issues that are completely unrelated have made people nervous about this. Same-sex marriage is an institution less than two decades old. How is it right for the majority to dictate the rights of a minority? Constitution requires the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Now, it's true that marriage has evolved in terms of the way in which a woman might be given to a man and dowries and a whole range of things like that.

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September 19, at 9: Marriage exists between a man and a woman. I wouldn't tell you that either, OK? Karina, I come to you. Is that what you would be doing? Yet, the joy is that the deeper the darkness it, the brighter the light shines.

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