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Number of years of methamphetamine use was associated with a 1-fold increase in the odds of binge methamphetamine use. And what determines whether these friendships prosper? The vocabulary taught at initiation school is one of the key aspects of the ritual Mavundla et al. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Every year we hear about the health and emotional risk for young initiates. Ulwaluko as means to convert gay men Some participants reported that there was an expectation in their families and communities that when they came back from their initiation they would return with a changed sexual orientation.

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In the same vein, methamphetamine may provide a temporary escape from the stigma and discrimination that gay and bisexual men often face.

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Methamphetamine initiation among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men

Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. Number of years of methamphetamine use was associated with a 1-fold increase in the odds of binge methamphetamine use. In the communities informants came from, homosexuality is construed in opposition to dominant masculinity. Another understudied area is the link between methamphetamine initiation factors and current sexual risk outcomes. The act of circumcision is only one of several activities included in the process of initiation. This is a survival strategy employed by many who find themselves in disempowered positions Henderson and Shefer

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Participants were asked to provide reasons for initiation, but in many cases initial methamphetamine use occurred years ago. The two authors of this paper would like to acknowledge and thank Ali A Abdullahi for his contribution as a research assistant during data analysis associated with this study. Binge users said that they started using for reasons associated with self-esteem, such as wanting self-confidence or to feel more attractive. Crystal meth, the internet and dangerous choices about AIDS. Semple1 Steffanie A. Once the three researchers had identified recurrent themes through reading the data repeatedly, the primary researcher used labels to name the themes Terre Blanche, Durrheim, and Painter Interviews were conducted in English and isiXhosa, the home language of the participants.

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