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For example, the process to adopt a child with special needs, which may include a sibling group, often proceeds quickly and may be completed in months while the wait for a healthy infant can be between two and seven years. Gender-typed play behavior in early childhood: Next Steps in the Study of Same-Sex Parent Families The field of research on child well-being in same-sex and different-sex parent families is expanding with significant advances. Adolescents with lesbian mothers describe their own lives. Acknowledging these diverse pathways to parenthood is a key avenue for future work on child well-being. Yet, as discussed below there are many valid reasons why nationally representative data may not be available to study same-sex parent families. National Survey of Family Growth a.

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Research based on the NLLFS indicates that adolescents of same-sex parents experienced fewer social problems than a nationally representative age-matched sample of American youths Gartrell and Bos

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Same-Sex Adoption

Henderson Las Vegas Reno. While the strategy of relying on household rosters moves forward our understanding of patterns and trends on a large scale in Census data, it leaves out children currently being raised by single lesbian or gay parents. This level of self-reflection can make you a better person or even help you figure out some things about your personality, your relationship, and even make you a better parent for your future child. Behavioral adjustment of adopted Chinese girls in single-mother, lesbian-couple, and heterosexual-couple households. The Gartrell et al.

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New data collections that reflect the current social, legal, and political environments are merited. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Summary To date, the consensus in the social science literature is clear: Multimedia adoptive parents b. Our understanding of same-sex parent families rests largely on the experiences in lesbian mother families. A larger scale purposive sample of parents and children from same-sex parents Kosciw and Diaz indicates that gay and lesbian parents and children score at least as well on numerous indicators of educational achievement and involvement as parents and children reported in national studies.