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But wait there's more. Talking about gay shame and self-loathing is not easy. What else could explain the irony? For others, the journey can be rockier. All in a year that saw the usual reports of unsupported LGBT teenagers killing themselves, such as a year-old in Stirling, after years of bullying, and a year-old girl whose life-support machine was turned off after doing the same. Section arnab nandy Viral Facebook post. Disproportionate numbers of LGBT people suffer with self-destructive behaviour.

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What else could explain the irony?

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Self-loathing among gay people is nothing new. We’re overwhelmed by it

Section arnab nandy Viral Facebook post. Following the simple statement is a poignant post that details the struggles he faced while coming out to friends and family and how much their support helped him. It may not fit the narrative we wish to promote but there are huge numbers of people getting themselves into serious situations without enough support. Arnab Nandy tells NDTV that his phone hasn't stopped buzzing since yesterday, and that's not hard to believe once you see the number of times his 'coming out' post on Facebook has been 'liked' and 'shared'. Author of Eat It Later. Here's the list ranked by of Likes:

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Other international suicide helplines can be found at www. Hell, you don't even have to put a picture of your face up there. All the love for you and your parents," writes one person in the comments section. For the record, I'm not counting the Facebook offshoots of large dating and hook up sites like Manhunt or GrindR, but organic pages devoted to gay dating, of which there are hundreds. This should be front-page news.

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