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Click to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking. Later, the law of Moses declared: What is homosexual and heterosexual and gay? Homosexuality exists in every culture I know, I travel a lotin every age, and in other animals as well. Gay people contribute to our world just as others do. Both of my best friends are totally contradictory, and whenever i ask advice they will always say the opposite of each other because they are the female and male polar versions of each other. Study of this subject led Dr.

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I have no clue how i should tell him and i am certain that i wont be able to have the same friendship with him as i have had before, he will see me totally different if i told him and would not want to give me hugs, hold hands and all the bromance that we have had with each other.

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The Plague of Perversion

This is a woeful blunder. I have been experimenting my whole life to see if i can change the feelings but have failed everytime. Different societies and religions impose different standards; some impose no standards on sexuality. How is one gay? December 27, at 8: I strongly advise you to come to terms with this aspect of your self. Gay people contribute to our world just as others do.

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This is totally inaccurate. You ask if homosexuality is a perversion and if gay people can love. If you want to share more thoughts i would be very happy, everything helpes. Being gay is not perverted nor is it a perversion. It seems to me a good measure of the quality of life. Some religionists homosexuals and their sympathizerswhile admitting that certain New Testament passages appear to condemn homosexual conduct, nonetheless deny that Jesus personally censured such acts.

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