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The entire last year has been the best, and I knew that I loved you, but until Matt helped me to see what it was that I wanted, I never even thought of sex with you. She actually asked how I found a B to be a failing grade, and I explained it to her, that it was the lowest I'd ever had, and I didn't like it. And then he did something that astounded the entire audience, he hopped up and sank all the way down on Kenny as if he were eight years old and tiny. Although I hate being spanked so that usually only happens a couple times a month. Enjoy it, but never, unless someone asks for it that way, are you to ever do anything that would hurt another person here.

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Even though they say it's not what you know but who you blow, you have to be smart enough to at least get there first.

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Diaper Son : Part 2

He just kept right on going, it just felt too good not to. So, do I really have to wait all the way until tomorrow before we can make love to each other? Jack went and grabbed the diapers that he had bought earlier that day, his diaper rash cream, the baby lotion, the powder, and then finally the camera. Then he diapered me and showed me the rest of the house. I managed to twist myself nearly off his knee before he put his other leg across mine and stopped me.

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I've never received anything less than an A before. Their kisses were soft and gentle, not even introducing their tongues yet, and like this they kissed for nearly half an hour, before breaking apart. Third rule, everyone knows sex happens here, it's welcome, it's taught, it's embraced and it's enjoyed. This time they did pull apart. On the last day of Will's leave, the two young studs spend the day having hot sex and lots of fun

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