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Create a new password. I don't rule out having another relationship at some point in the future. Their wives know, and they make it work. I'm now in a very happy relationship. It just felt right. But he was fantastic. I found that I needed to maintain as much normalcy as I could, which meant staying home with our three kids, going through familiar motions.

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Joe Kort in Attitude Magazine, a British gay lifestyle magazine with news, interviews and travel guides.

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Gay love: When a husband or wife comes out

Sign up for our free bi-monthly newsletter updates:. It was a shock to my husband, that it wasn't enough for me. Recently I heard [rugby player] Gareth Thomas 's ex talking about how she felt when he came out and I found myself crying. And with my heart further behind in the acceptance process, I did what I knew had to be done: I don't know if I'm bisexual, or gay, or what. We want sons who are kind and honourable, but not so much so that they'll be mocked.

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The straight spouse understandably becomes angry at the gay spouse for not being able or willing to go back into the closet. Those kids seem to do very well. He was thoughtful and romantic, and I really did think that we had a future together — we had even picked out children's names. You would not think a lot of men, confronted with a log of their hours spent on sexynakedmen. For so many years, I'd just gone along with what everyone else wanted. I stepped aside and let him go. With that in mind, would you like to learn about some of the best options for treatment in the country?

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