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I simply have a queer mind. I constantly wondered whether I was a true bisexual because I felt attraction stronger to one sex over the other. While there is no conclusive evidence in terms of the genetics there are some interesting results. But I do think that in a world that was made for individuals, being a twin can definitely feel disabling or at least limiting at times. By the sci-fi like photo posted at the top a self-portrait of mine and 2. We shared the same friends, the same car, worked at the same place.

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Another aspect of crip theory that could be applied to twinness is the idea of non-verbal communication.

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In moving forward to the future, I hope that our society shift from their strict mentality that there is a normate. Not that far into the past the LGBT community was viewed through the medical lens versus the cultural and social lens it is typically viewed through today. I think that cripping individuality is when two people, or maybe more, purposely choose to live as one.

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Because LGBT youth experience more negative sexual-health outcomes than their heterosexual peers, they would especially benefit from effective and inclusive sex education.

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