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Forensic Science International. Many Israeli's had predicted that Sharon will murder Arafat. Le Monde diplomatique in French. Live by the Gun, Die by the Hep C. According to Loftus, the CIA had knowledge of his condition, and convinced Israel not to assassinate him and wait for his inevitable death of the disease, since the subsequent widespread connotations of the disease with homosexuality would discredit him.

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A week later he confided that Bush had given him the nod to "eliminate" Arafat, in a way that "nobody would find out".

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One agent would shake a can of Coke and pop it open to distract Mishal while another would spray levofentanyl, a chemically modified painkiller, in his ear. Just as there are gay heroes in historyOscar Wilde, Alan Turing, maybe even Abraham Lincolnthere are gay villains too. That is not correct - anti-colonialism and anti-apartheid issues have become fashionable. Soon afterward, his general health deteriorated.

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