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Two men with Down syndrome share a loving relationship. LGBT people are frequently the targets of stigma, discrimination, and violence because of their sexual- and gender-minority status. Kosame's most notorious plot point is her love for Kirie Kojima. It is implied that Bruce is gay and that Jeffrey is his domestic partner, as in " Road to the North Pole " where he states in the song "All I Want for Christmas" that he wants a wedding ring from a guy named Jeffrey. As Yuzu gets to know her more, she is shown to be rather sensitive and lonely, which often stirs Yuzu's protective side. In one of the later episodes, Haruka has a dream involving her sharing a kiss with Kana. Retrieved October 9,

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List of animated works with LGBT characters

After battling Arisu despite not seeming to care about the stories before the battle and being saved by Kiraha, she agrees to help collect the stories to be closer to Kiraha. The villain Fish-Eye is an effeminate cross-dressing man who is romantically interested in men. It is later revealed his feelings are towards his best friend Albert. She even dreams of traveling to the Netherlands to arrange a same-sex marriage, going far as to study the language. The two leads of the series, Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya, were confirmed to be in love by director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Lesbiangay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT individuals experience unique health disparities.

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Ali Babah's female persona is a skilled fighter and thief. Miyuki is a character from both the manga and the anime. Despite this, he has been shown to reciprocate his feelings and is jealous when J. In addition, the official data book states Alluka's gender as male. A supporting character, she clarifies how Chikane reserved her feelings for Himeko alone.

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