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New people I met would mistake me for a butch lesbian. Standards that have been arbitrarily sanc- tioned by medical and legal institu- tions throughout the world. University of Cali- fornia Press. Welcome to the Conference 23 by all means the guy courted my beloved mother whom I had had for myself until I was four years old. This is perhaps why those professionals involved with J's case may have perceived that his was a very rare case. The Elf further serves to illustrate the strange seesaw pattern of at- traction and rejection that is so often expressed in the fascination and irri- tation that non-trans people experi- ence when they are confronted with trans corporeality. Select Gender?

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Cleis Press. It wasn't really a big deal. For Halberstam, Jake avoids objectification as Jake gazes back at the viewer in a somewhat challenging, if not aggressive, manner. In Invisible Boundaries:

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There is still relatively little written about transgender children, and much of what has been written is by mental health professionals eg; Bradley ; Zucker ; Rekers ; Bradley and Zucker ; ZuckerGreen

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