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The first time, during it's heyday in the 80's. Because I didn't have a high ass he obliged, but somewhat hesitatingly. How do I meet masculine gay men? I remember the place well. The conversational gambits at Rounds were in general more mannerly and indirect. Maybe now it's a crime but back then everything wasn't so sterile and rigid like it is today. Anymore Joey Stefano stories?

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I often end the night here listening to the piano after Oscar Wildes.

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Not too long ago I saw this real cute boy hanging out with friends on Christopher Street. Oh great, just what the gay community should be focused on, a gay hustler bar from the "good ol days" and its AIDS spreading owner. Did anyone here that posts on DL work at Rounds as a male prostitute? The guys were not really pros. One of the sweetest love stories I know began at the Haymarket. We know it wasn't The Hay Market.

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Any gay man who had unprotected anal sex after who was paying any attention whatsoever to the national news knew that he was taking a terrible risk. Most were actually quite decent boys as I remember. He should be run out of town. R12 Do a search of the book title. For those of us 'mature enough' to remember the old school leather bars, this is a great place to be.

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