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The planet, Sidra, is inhabited by several species of human-animal transforming hybrids. Maomarimo Boy takes his twin sister's place as the sacrificial virgin at their village festival and gets turned into a girl for his trouble. She even has to sleep in a barrel as when unconscious she reverts to a big puddle. In other cases, though, the virus goes beyond this, regressing the victim into a pre-natal state or complete disappearance. This would involve the separation and re-connection of thousands of nerve endings, and the successful healing of the neurons! Disc ordia is a low-key strip about a man who's been transformed into a woman. Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam Similar to Captain Marvel above, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld ages up to an adult woman from a year-old girl when she visits her home dimension, due to time moving at different rates in the two universes.

transgender transformation fetish comics
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The story of a guy who one day wakes up as a gal. Types of transformation seen in a Transformation Comic include but are not limited to:. Brian and Ryan are both on a Gender Bender ; Brian who likes it can go back to his original form, while Ryan who doesn't can't, a cause of considerable irritation on the latter's part.

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Animal X:

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