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It would take me three more years to develop a devastating crush on a classmate and then I had a minor week long freakout and that was it. I thought she was so pretty, and smart, and talented, and had the voice of an angel. I also always wanted to hug her goodbye at the end of the day so did half the class — she was very popular! I will drop off your gift cards on Monday. I knew for sure I was gay at the tender age of 30 when I had sex with a woman for the first time while still married to my husband.

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Not all weeks are easy to make it to the end of, you know?

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The Moment I Knew I Was LGBT: Whisper Users Reveal Their Time Of Self-Discovery

When I was 19, I had a crush on my philosophy professor so bad, I had to finally accept I was into women, after years of repressing it. WOW lookit these folks doing that, right here in front of my face. We used to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show every month! Or why I went and bought the Sailor Moon magazine at. Very suddenly lost interest in my conveniently long-distance boyfriend of 1 year and had no idea why. If it played anywhere near me, I found a way to it! The way we compartmentalize stuff is wild.

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Then I found out, and there followed several years of repression and religion. Or because I thought she was hot. I had a little too much love for the character of Mimi. Never thought anything of it but looking back it seemed gay. She was talking to her friends about a dance party she was having or wanted to have?

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