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Powerless to do anything about it! And pretty much broke, too. The sense of fullness and pressure started to feel almost pleasant. Login or Sign Up. Now he was taking long, savage thrusts, pulling back until the tip of his cock rested on my bottom lip and then slamming it all the way in as he roughly pulled my head forward with his hands. Post comment as click to select: Stellato, still silenced by the apple.

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No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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Katisu and Mahito retied Hachiro to one of the open beams in the ceiling. Then the blows stopped. As my saliva coated it, it got slicker and slid a little further into my mouth. He was surprised to see Katisu standing there. I opened my mouth wide, tilted my head back and accepted the gift of his meat.

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Stellato dropped the papers he was holding onto the floor. All I have to do is hit send. Suddenly the was another knock at the door. Now all the Mr. The speed and intensity of his assault built until finally he drove fully into my throat and clutched my head tight against him. With a rope around the beam, his arms were hoisted above his head.

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