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They reported wanting partners who were hairier and, due to their own increased weight, heavier. Bears may very well prove to be reactionary figures to the normative idealized male beauty that is pervasive in both the straight and gay mainstream cultures. Bear culture is complex and inextricably tied to heteronormative and hegemonic masculine ideologies. About one in five men identified as part of the Bear community across both samples. Whenever I hear the term "muscle bear" or "muscle cub" not "muscle bear cub"the person being described is muscular but stocky. Understand the bear movement in gay male culture: Finally, our results also documented null differences in hypermasculinity, which contrasted the research that prompted our last hypothesis see Hennen, ; Wright,

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Sexual risk-taking in gay men:

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Physical, Behavioral, and Psychological Traits of Gay Men Identifying as Bears

Hypotheses Given the literature, we proposed the following hypotheses: Table 2 Other Traits of the Sample. This was allowed due to the large sample sizes and The second was more purposive, where we actively recruited Bears to test the psychological variables never asked by the first study that might be associated with the identity. Despite the Judicial Yuan confirming that a special law is to be made that would not contradict the constitutional interpretation, the government has gotten itself stuck between the majority opinion and the Constitution due to its failure to act and meet its promises.

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The fact remains that Bears still exist in a mainstream gay male world. This was an international sample recruited from all of the Craigslist. While it is true that most bears tend to be attracted to those of a similar stature, there are quite a number that are looking for quite the opposite. The page itself and its discussion page are both publicly editable, so have at it. To say that we do not welcome those that are effeminate, is to say that we don't accept ourselves.

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