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I heard he is no where to be find now. Nov 15, 2. Y'all know that the black entertainment industry is not well known for being all that forgiving to those it terms 'deviants'. Rap City was my ish. But yeah Tigga had it coming to him.

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Kordell “Slash” Stewart Talks To Big Tigger About Gay Rumors “Delivert” Guy Put Out There [Video]

And them 2 broads talking about it obviously have no class to go on a radio station and talk about other people's stuff like that. Later on, Method Man himself called into the show and confirmed it was a lie. Kool G asks why she would lie, and she calmly replies that she needs to money that he isnt paying in child support. X said he had no recollection of their encounter. A fan claimed that Big Tigger is currently dating a man that works for Delta Airlines. Details soon surfaced that he had jumped out of a window, though, and rumors spread that the self-defenestration was a suicide attempt triggered by gay rumors.

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Share This Page Tweet. They play one audio messages that she left for Kool G thanking him for the money and clothes that he sent to their son - this doesnt help her claims of Kool G Rap being the bad person she said he is though. Tigger seems like a very nice guy but I know I read somewhere that he goes the other way: Bump It or Dump It? Nov 15, But they must've convinced to her to stay during the commercial break cause she was back on after the break, and they had completely changed the subject.

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