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I heard he's annoying. Authority for his use of choke collars. I could not care less whether Cesar is gay or not. On the show, we call him a "Dog Behavior Expert" for that very reason. As such, "Millan's technique of using a choke collar is outdated and outrageous. The intro should be a synopsis of the entire article and that is what I am aiming for.

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They really are the only serious originzation when it comes to diagnosing and treating pet behavior problems.

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Talk:Cesar Millan/Archive 1

Sure, it says it's a charity and that it's supported by several groups of dog welfare charities and other orgsbut does this make it a reliable source per WP: At any rate its not compliant by our standards so out it should go. The real sauce is which celebs' dogs he worked with quietly. As per wiki guidelines: Although the younger son never broke from him. As a source to "Inthe National Humane Society Genesis Award Committee presented him with a Special Commendation for his work in rehabilitating sheltered animals.

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As to the larger issue of "cleaning up" the article, you should follow Wikipedia: There is no current discussion other than my own comments. Resolving disputes, which lays out the process, starting with informal discussions talk page and up through Arbitration Committee action. According sources, Millan is presently planning to marry his new girlfriend, Jahira Dar, who lives with the Reality TV star along with the younger of his two sons. I'd add that in this article we have a summary created from content on the TV show, the mother article, so consistent practice would indicate adding content on the TV show should be to the mother article, not here. No child is an experienced professional dog handler, nor are most adults, therefore these dogs should not be allowed anywhere near residential areas.

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