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Take a look at Kindle best sellers of in most popular genres: An invitation is required to unlock all user options. There are over separate fandoms listed here. Just an idea of what could have changed him. Armed with the dance of two words and elven Magic, guided by the voice of the stars. But before you knew it you were standing on the roof of the psychiatric house you were currently at. The site is very well organized.

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Harry knew who it was, he could tell the voice anywhere, but he decided to hear out what the Slytherin wanted from him.

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One-Shots of your favorite Smash Bros. But Harry kept eye contact, loosing himself in the sea of those grey eyes. New Ch16 is up unbetaed. Over 35, stories are listed in this category. After a while though, it made sense.

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Over 35, stories are listed in this category. Mrs Malfoy had also saved his life, during the final battle; she had told Voldemort that Harry was dead, giving him the chance to get rid of Voldemort once and for all. Copyright is the most sensitive issue when it comes to fanfiction. Contains mature themes, smut, kinks, swearing, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, emotionally abusive relationships, demonic themes, one instance of cross-dressing, and passive aggressive best friends. Info Posts Twitter Blog Mail. Add to library Discussion Browse more Fantasy Romance. An invitation is required to unlock all user options.

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