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Normally, there was nothing he liked more than a leisurely dump, but today he fidgeted around on the seat. Obviously relics of WW2 rather than the Cold War, they had seen better days. Regular canings would do you no harm at all, in my opinion! He felt violated, and yet somehow almost turned on. Standing on tiptoes he looked at his arse in the mirror.

He had great technique, and could cut a tomato into wafer-thin slices that seemed to defy gravity by staying together, rather than falling apart.

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That was the way it went for a few months until one day I turned up without my kit. The norm then became for me to have to take six of the tawse along with any spanking. Submit your own spanking gay sex stories Read the hottest spanking first time gay sex stories right now! Soon I was home in his hot hole, thrusting for dear life. Well, not so much dating as co-habiting. Here, take this plastic bag and clean the place up, boy! To his great surprise, McTavish was even dating one of the team.

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Or have me over his knees for a hot and relentless hand spanking. A Very Special School Life at an extraordinary reform school in the year Thanks, Rod Like Like. A Lesson Learned Slave is punished for a serious transgression. Before the marks disappear. The Subspace Lounge He gets an unexpected education. Eventually, I threw the punishing strap down and in my most assertive tone ordered him to put a rubber on my swollen cock.