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Yes, good old St Patrick is one of a surprising number of queer saints and martyrs in Christian history, giving us all an excuse to enjoy his day. There are bishops who wrote frankly erotic poetry and love letters addressed to each other, bishops who secured appointments to vacant sees for their boyfriends, and popes who slept with men, or commissioned homoerotic paintings from the great Renaissance artists. I can't say that I'm a socially active person. This is a rather tenuous basis for a claim that Patrick was gay, but there is more from his youth. So, if the times are changing, then how is it that the organizing committee could still be caught in a vacuum? Newer Post Older Post Home. Some argue that the parade is not at all about being Irish or Irish-American any more, beyond the shamrocks and green beer, but is better described as a Roman Catholic procession.

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But these steps seem to underscore just how out-of-step the organizing committee is.

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Saint Patrick’s Day Shindig

So goes the Irish. ActivismThe State of Beer. There are even the forerunners of our modern transmen — biological females, who lived as males in men-only monasteries. My great-grandparents came over from County Clare in the s. He writes on general matters of faith and sexuality. Craig March 17, at 5:

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But these steps seem to underscore just how out-of-step the organizing committee is. It was an honor to participate, and as a group we agreed to conform to the parades rules. Patrick himself may have had a relationship tinged with homoeroticism. And those who organize the parade, generally speaking, are conservatives who now live in the suburbs. What will the trend be next year?

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