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Participants were asked to report their: Semi-structured interview guides are extremely useful for producing rich narrative data regarding drug use, and initiation to drug use. Interviewers received intensive training on the use of qualitative methods, open-ended questioning, the use of probes, and the intent behind each section of the interview. Research over the past ten years has suggested that methamphetamine commonly known as Tina, crystal, meth, ice, T, speed use and abuse has become a key problem in gay communities Fernandez et al. Adolescent girls, women and sexuality: This collective effort is essential in order to implement the individual and structural level HIV interventions required to provide this type of sexual health education. Though most men did not have sex at initiation, a majority of the participants who did have sex at initiation were initiated in a private setting.

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Additionally, these participants all reside in and around a major urban center, which may also have influenced their exposure to club drugs, and initiation to methamphetamine in particular.

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For instance, had some of the participants who were accidentally initiated into methamphetamine use known more about the drug, then they may have been generally more aware of methamphetamine's presence and may have been less likely to inadvertently use the drug. Reducing risky sexual behavior among men who have sex with men. Verified Amateurs. A venue-based method for sampling hard to reach populations.

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In addition, school policies that foster an environment where YMSM feel comfortable approaching teachers or staff should be put into place; if these policies already exist, greater accountability should be placed on school administrators to ensure that these policies are enforced.

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