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Go ahead, KISS! No, wait! It's beyond meta. Further dialogue establishes that tribbles are hermaphroditic: There are also a number of instances in which a species' androgyny has a less central role to the plot, as with the Axanar of the Star Trek:

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In a foreword written by James Kirk, the Captain cleverly avoids confirmation or denial of a romantic relationship with Spock.

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William Riker is an example of this. Other stars of the franchise chimed in, with Leonard Nimoy who played Spock offering his support in a letter to the Los Angeles Times saying, "It is entirely fitting that gays and lesbians will appear unobtrusively aboard the Enterprise —neither objects of pity nor melodramatic attention. I nod to show comprehension.

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And Andrew, I tell you, for me this morning, it was… orgasmic.

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