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Those weren't the words he'd wanted to hear. Not after Itachi's… No. He'd felt so jealous. The longer the screams went, the dumber the insults were. You'd be best served actually watching for yourself.

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He left the sun which illuminated the darkness in both his heart and vision.

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Lets be real, Naruto and Sasuke were gay as hell

Oh, what was her name? The man found himself on his back, his face being pummeled by the ferocious boy. Despite what the other ninjas thought, he'd actually been aware of most of the fighting going on around him. There also seems to be quite a few people following this story. And he was looking for Naruto. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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His spine tingled when he thought about it, and Naruto thought that meant it disgusted him. Sasuke respects Naruto a lot and we can count this too as a feeling as he is aware of the struggles Naruto went through, his lack of talent, his hard work, everything. He remembered shutting all those feelings out for a second time. But then he heard the news. Those weren't the words he'd wanted to hear.

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