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However, Frank may have ignored it and accepted him. Micky Maguire [8] is a "paranoid, aggressive, violent, homosexual yet homophobe " who is a member of the Maguire family. Season two opens the following Summer. How many children does Frank have? The season closes with Ian using brother Lip's identification to join the military. Retrieved from " https: Surprisingly, she does not mind if the affair continues but demands that Kash impregnate her before he has sex with Ian again.

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Even with the lingering animosity from Carl and Micky, Ian and Maxine are happy but they are thrown into turmoil when Carl, along with Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtarruns away after being accused of murder.

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Ian Gallagher

Sex scenes on Shameless make me squirm, says star Gerard Kearns. She is disgusted to find Monica and Frank are neglecting Ben and choosing to let Fiona's six-year-old sister Stella to take care of him. Retrieved 14 March It definitely ends when Kash, who can no longer reconcile being gay and being married, leaves. When the series opens, Ian is involved in a sexual relationship with Kash, owner of the Kash and Grab, the neighborhood convenience store where Ian works. Beginning in the fourth series, Ian has a number of relationships with women.

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This plan was dashed when Katie's father Lip decided to take a more active role in her life. Upon visiting "Grammy", Frank's mother, who is incarcerated on charges relating to two deaths in a meth lab explosion, Ian and Lip learn that Frank has three brothers, Clayton, Jerry and Wyatt. Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher. Please log in or register to post comments. To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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