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The ban on same-sex marriage will remain in effect through the state's appeals process. April 23, Parker's shocking story will become commonplace in a society that forces the acceptance of homosexual marriage as normative. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Furthermore, his use of the term porneia Matt.

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August 21, - District Judge Robert Hinkle rules Florida's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutionalbut same-sex marriages cannot immediately be performed.

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Group Decisions: September 30, - The US Department of Defense issues new guidelines allowing military chaplains to perform same-sex ceremonies. February 7, - A three-judge panel with the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rules that Proposition 8, the voter-approved same-sex marriage ban, violates the constitution.

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However, the divide is currently about 37 states which allow gay marriage while 13 states ban it.