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Don't lose it, Fox! This is my thought on the matter, and this line of thinking is what led me to break down at last and write. That aside, expect more from this as ideas hit me, and believe me they will. I am a very sensual, educated, Busty super sexy!!! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Before he left the room though, he looked back to see Falco, smiling happily in a way Fox had never seen from him, completely without that hard-nosed attitude he'd carted around for all those years. It's just another hole to screw

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He also happens to be a fur, which if you're reading this and don't know what that is, I don't know why you are here in the first place.

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It must be a lust thing or something else like Abrahams promise? Band camp naked girl. There may indeed be a very rough-and-tumble start to this scene, but we can assure you can no models were harmed in its production! He can't be a Falco nuzzled Fox's bulge with his beak from outside Fox's pants, placing his tongue eagerly on it through the clothing, feeling Fox up with that method. He continued to work his tongue over the surface and shape of it as Falco moaned and groaned in a way that Fox had never expected to hear from him. Gyno black and white pics of people having sex.

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Fox sat his dick in between Falco's crack, Hotdogging for a moment teasingly before he placed the tip of it at the hole that seemed to be trying to pull him in already. Okay, I've fixed most of the grammar and spelling errors with this version, as well as doing this edit to say I don't exactly remember doing this story. He fights Fox every step of the way without even listening to his leader's point of view while pushing his own, demanding to be listened to yet never saying anything about actually becoming said leader. The crew was eventually forced to sell his possessions he left behind in his old room to raise funds for maintenance on their once proud ship, now almost a museum piece, outdated and outperformed by even the latest civilian class cruisers in terms of performance. I am therefore announcing that this will be continued at a later date, but it won't be often as my hunt for a job continues in this economical nightmare we now call North America will take up most of that time. So big spoiler, this is my first ever, debut Yaoi oneshot. Then he did us a very big favor, sending his younger brothers, Petr and Romi,to us too.

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