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In fact, the models we spoke to revealed that most of these men are straight. They kind of have to be. At times, these powerful men behave with a remarkable sense of impunity: Asia offers male models financial opportunities that seem ever scarcer in saturated Western markets and in an industry where men earn far less than their female counterparts. He felt honored to be offered the opportunity and assumed the terms and conditions would be reasonable and lucrative.

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And the money they spend on these products can be big.

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Getting lots of sleep and hydration help too but that will only get you so far. First and foremost, the talent signed to the agency tend to be charismatic and passionate in their own pursuits. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a male underwear model?

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Yet Sebastien Meunier, creative director of the Paris-based cult fashion house Ann Demeulemeester, denies that designers are doing anything wrong.

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