Gay marriage and families

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Add a New Topic. As a result of socioeconomic disparities related to the sex composition of parents, children with same-sex parents have fewer health supports than otherwise similar children raised by a man and a woman. The damage and negative effects of same sex marriage on children is not acceptable on the grounds that similar or worse damage can be found in traditional families. Disentangling causal and non-causal effects. Conceptual issues and research evidence. One or more biological parents. Demographic profile of same-sex parents.

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There is no harm caused by same-sex parenting. Studies suggesting otherwise are skewed

With regard to effects on the gender fluidity of children, there is no truth to the suggestion that same-sex parenting, or the knowledge that homosexuality exists, is associated with childhood gender variance. Prospects for marriage in the 21st century. The purpose of this article [ clarification needed ] was to understand how undergraduate students perceived and understood the idea of same-sex families. But when I saw that the debate was being held at the highest level, I decided to share my story, so that more people could better understand the disastrous effects that gay marriage would have on the American family. Yet, family theory offers other possible explanatory factors—most notably, family stability and commitment, which are not measurable in our study Amato ; Lamb ; Lansford et al. Survey statistics are shown for the full sample unless otherwise noted.

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Scientific research has been consistent in showing that lesbian and gay parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children reared by heterosexual parents. Some proponents of same-sex marriage argue that laws limiting civil marriage to opposite-sex couples are underinclusive because they do not prohibit marriages between sterile opposite-sex couples or to women past menopause ; therefore, they take the view that the procreation argument cannot reasonably be used against same-sex marriages. And for the first answer on the left-HOW is there a study on homosexual couple children- in America they legalized it yesterday- and since its from Texas-no comment. I explained that God gave us free will, the right to choose our own actions, and that some people use this free will to choose negative actions, like engaging in sodomy, bestiality, or ingesting black tar heroin. This requires population data on the physical and mental health of a sample of children and adolescents distributed across households headed by same-sex male, same-sex female, and different-sex couples who are married and cohabiting. However, inthe New Jersey state Supreme Court unanimously overruled that decision, requiring the state to make available to all couples in New Jersey the equal protection of family laws irrespective of the gender of the participants but not necessarily the title.

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