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An account of an erotic experience that produces huge rewards. There was nothing on worth watching. At the same time they both said "You'll never guess what I did. The page includes a lot of first time gay sex stories of guys first gay encounters and masturbating in front of another man, or vise versa. If this didn't impress the girls, nothing would. Let's call this our little secret. After seeing the girls off, a dejected Erik came in and slung himself down on the couch.

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They increased the pace of their handjobs.

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Most of his spare time was spent surfing, waterskiing, or skateboarding. Erik's eyes shifted toward the window. He lived in the apartment next door. Chris sped up his pumping of Erik's rod. Their mutual beatoff session had ended with two huge puddles of cream covering the coffee table. Chris' Christmas present was a Ford Ranger 4x4. A startled Chris said "Man, you call that a snowball?

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Go get it before it gets cold, ya' horndog you! The manly fragrance of it was just dizzying. They accepted the offer and went up the stairs to the second floor. Finally, I realized that my friend was masturbating "everywhere" right under my nose. Put it on, will ya?

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