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Audre Lorde. Santa Barbara, Calif. McRue, Robert. Foucault's argument has found a home in an incalculable number of dissertations, essays, and books interpreting and reinterpreting American literary figures from Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson — to Gertrude Stein — and Hart Crane — to William S. How my grandmother grabbed my hand as I walked by and saidHey I'm proud of youWith no buts or if onlys clinging to the underside of her voice.

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Modernism had been preeminently a heterosexual movement, marked in some writers—E.

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People are timid to bleed, to cry, to feel what another feels. There are traces of aestheticism in the wit and verbal brilliance of poets as various as Merrill, O'Hara, and Bronk, and Whitman's politics are echoed in Lansing and Duncan, his poetics in Ginsberg. Martin, Robert.

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An Anthology.

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