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These characters were dealing with the same issues I had. Sign me up for the newsletter! And intimate. The easiest way to see what I mean is by listening to the first four chapters of the book for free below. But off the top of my head, this is the only one I could name. The way you capture characters is fun but precise, too. And even better, comics made by people like them!

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Which sets the tone for a lot of their exploits to come.

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Powerful and deadly spirits keep getting summoned, causing intricate havoc, and then being desummoned by mismatched groups of lovable oddballs. Our currently weekly threads are: I found her honesty about her identity crisis very touching going from the out-and-proud, in-your-face lesbian to finding the love of her life in a man. Share them below for your fellow Psych2Go readers in the comments section down below.

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A fun thing to do, which I always try to do with long-running web cartoonists:

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