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The authors thank the men who participated in the Pleasure and Sexual Health study. Groups of these variables were interpreted together, and these groups of variables were tested for an association with the decision to use condoms at casual sex encounters. Did the respondent have sex with the last casual partner before? When men were more familiar with their partners they trusted their partners more. This decision is complex and multifaceted. However, for some men, their trust in knowing specific details about their partners may not always be well-informed or reliable.

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All analyses were conducted in SPSS v

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Gay men's stereotypes about who is HIV infected: a further study.

Hinchy, Russell The Australian legal system: Among the 69 men who had previously met their most recent UAIC partner but had not previously had sex with him, twelve of these men This is associated with less condom use between regular partners, and also with a higher likelihood that men established they were HIV-negative seroconcordant with their partner. Crosby R, Mettey A. However, to what extent their risk is reduced would undoubtedly be dependent on the quality of their communication with, and knowledge about, each other.

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Men in cluster 2 were less likely to have previously met their partner, or had sex, including anal intercourse; or to know their partner well. Familiarity in this study was comprised of several different components: Related Resources Similar Staff. Nonetheless, men were inclined to believe that most of their PAIC partners were also seroconcordant. Prior to being admitted to practise as a barrister inRussell worked in various areas of public sector research, finance and law within the Queensland Government.