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Her family means everything to her. On a mild November day, Gallagher and I are upstairs at City Bakery, near Union Square in Manhattan, where after months of requests she has agreed to meet me. Still, it is especially odd to approach family law and family structure with such a cool disinterestedness. We respect Brooks' intelligence and diligence, and the fact that she's had a difficult job dealing with the county's fiscal problems under severe restraints. She made things happen, or stopped them from happening. Young voters dominate CPAC

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Gallagher and her husband live in suburban Washington, D.

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At CPAC, silence on gay marriage

And that's dangerous, since today's Republican Party seems hell-bent on attacking women's reproductive rights, attempting to destroy the social safety net — conveniently forgetting that in the days before Social Security and Medicare, many people actually did spend their "golden years" in poverty — and pushing draconian spending cuts that would inflict serious damage across a wide spectrum of the country. County of Monroe case ruled that same-sex marriages performed outside the state must be recognized within New York and as such, same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights and benefits as opposite-sex couples. She is pure thought. Wuerking Drawings View More. Nobody likes to see us in military conflict.

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She was very warm and responsive. There must be something wrong with these gay dads, something contrary to the natural order, such that even when they appear to be splendid dads themselves, their agenda is the cause of poor parenting in others. Although being a young single mother made her unusual, nothing about her situation was an obvious prescription for bitterness. MCC chargebacks, a funding system that punishes Monroe's poorest communities and goes against the principle of a community college as a place of inclusiveness, equality, and community buy-in. This gathering was probably the last occasion that a large group with reasonably diverse political views could amicably discuss marriage. Guns banned once, maybe again.

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