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And i would like to recommend all of you one unique place to find what you exactly need. To be completely honest this story angers me because it feels like a betrayal on the gay community. We now know that he knew that this was going on so why did he go to this place if this was an issue for him? Yep this is a set-up. Calling the police is like something a hysterical woman would do. This must be a millennial thing. If that were truly the case, the therapist would have noticed and felt it right away and said something.

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Steam, Cool Down, Repeat: Our 4 Favorite New York City Bathhouses for Men

He should have stopped it right away and complained to management. Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves!! Itsonlythetruth A 34 year old man and you froze when someone was playing with your junk. Perhaps was not a good day for him. Think in other spa next time. I stopped going to chain massage spas or hotel spas a long time ago. Yep this is a set-up.

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Lol Grow up girls. Perhaps was not a good day for him. But just having touched it while the masseur is doing his job is no reason for any guy to be upset. What a stupid thing to say. Please log in to add your comment Need an account?

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